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Our artistic vision

Jazz Maastricht provides innovative programmes and seeks out artists with quality and relevance within the jazz scene. We define jazz as an adventurous, improvisational and communicative art form that manifests between artist, audience, and environment. This broad definition creates space for an in-depth dialogue with other musical genres and artistic disciplines. In our program we strive for a contrast between international and regional talent with a Dutch scoop as in the past when Julia Biel, Musica Nuda, Maria João, Nguyen Lê and Bettye Lavette first played on Dutch soil.

Our motivation

Jazz Maastricht is as concerned with jazz as it is with the city of Maastricht. With our activities we want to strengthen the creative and international climate in this city. Through this we are able to make Maastricht more attractive as a destination for creative entrepreneurs; a vital economic engine. Furthermore, presenting diverse, high quality cultural events enriches our knowledge, imagination and creativity. All valuable qualities in this rapidly changing world.

Our partners

Our events are only possible thanks to the efforts of our many volunteers, interns and (cultural) partners. We offer our volunteers and interns the opportunity to gain practical experience and meaningfull development in a dynamic learning environment. Our partners contribute to the artistic content of our program through their knowledge, financial support, networking and creativity. This demonstrates that a thriving cultural scene starts with community cooperation.

Our development

Since its establishment in 2001, Jazz Maastricht has experienced enormous development; From a traditional multi-day jazz festival in 2002 to the new genre-wide Crosscurrents festival in 2016. Feel free to check the Archive (see Agenda) for the list of artists that have performed @ Jazz Maastricht.

Our program

Each month we organize three to four concerts, each with a different character:

  1. Theatre concerts in AINSI: inspirational artists of international class.
  2. 2in1 Evenings in Intro in situ: artsy evenings with various artistic disciplines arranged by and for students.
  3. Club concerts in Intro in situ: small bands from home and abroad;
  4. Lazy Sunday concerts: listen to regional talent with a cup of coffee or glass of at the Museum a/h Vrijthof.

We also have a diverse and international festival offerings:

CrossCurrents Festival
Meeting of genres including jazz, electro, indie, neo-classical and folk.


To surprise ourselves, artists and you, we also offer special annual productions.

Open Your Mind Productions
Eccentric artistic collaborations which cross borders on an artistic, cultural, national, generational and educational level in order to achieve something new.


Finally, we contribute to education through workshops, master classes, seminars, internships and study-minors. In collaboration with Maastricht University, Maastricht Academy of Music, Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts & Design and iArts.

Governance Code Culture

We adhere to the ‘Governance Code Culture’.


Project Plan Jazz Maastricht 2017-2020 (Dutch only)
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