Tuesday 20 November 2018

Tin Men & the Telephone + Christian Klinkenberg

20.30 Ainsi

IMPACT Night: The Internet of Jazz. An evening of productions created in the twilight zone between jazz and technology, art and science, experimentation and expression.

Tin Men & The Telephone: “the best-kept secret in jazz” according to Downbeat. Their use of cutting-edge technology and unique interactive performances, have earned them global recognition. Their latest project World Domination vl. 1: FURIE, is a science fiction journey through the world of fake news and alternative facts. It combines acoustic jazz and futuristic electronic sounds, all composed around the speeches of populist politicians. FURIE, or  Federal Union for Restoring Intergalactic Equilibrium, is an alien force sent to intervene against the rise of populism by abducting world leaders. The audience helps the aliens pick world leaders and collectively composes a new world anthem performed on the spot by the band.


Tony Roe – piano
Pat Cleaver – bass
Jamie Peet – drums

Conductor, composer and pianist Christian Klinkenberg’s latest project brings audiences a story of lost love, an evil witch, and an enchanted tree. With live narration and an Orchestral soundtrack, the audience will join the performance via a web-app. Listeners will have their smartphones converted into instruments audible via the speakers, allowing them to immerse themselves in the story of “The Leaves That Hung But Never Grew”.


Nora-Louise Müller (Hamburg): Bohlen-Pierce Clarinet
Todd Harrop (Toronto): Bohlen-Pierce Chimes
Franck Hemmerle (Straßbourg): Percussion / Drumset
Vedran Mutic (Luxembourg): Fretless-Bass
Melle Weijters (Amsterdam): Bohlen-Pierce E-Guitar
Paul Pankert (Eupen): Bohlen-Pierce Violin
Christian Klinkenberg (Eupen): Bohlen-Pierce Keyboard
Suse Weisse: Storyteller


In collaboration with the Theater aan het Vrijthof

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