Tuesday 2 July 2019

Save Jazz Maastricht

19.30 Raadzaal


At the end of May the College van Burgemeester & Wethouders (council of the Mayor and Aldermen) in Maastricht advised the City Council of Maastricht to stop all funding to Jazz Maastricht as of 2021. A cost-savings measure which is destructive to both the diversity and quality of the cultural life of the city and the region. The City Council will vote to approve this recommendation on July 2nd, 2019. If this recommendation is approved this would effectively mean the end of Jazz Maastricht. After years of growing demand and an increasingly younger, more international public this coming season is promising to be our best season yet both artistically and as an organization: simultaneously it could be our last season ever. We need your help to make sure this doesn’t happen! Do you want to continue enjoying a wide range of inspiring jazz events in Maastricht, and, more importantly, continue to see a diverse and active nightlife in Maastricht? Then help us change the City Council’s mind:

Sign the petition
You can sign this petition which will be presented to the city council before July 2nd

Contact the city council
Contact members of the council via phone and email, to tell them you support Jazz Maastricht and ask them to vote against the proposed de-funding. All city council member’s contact details can be found here. PLEASE NOTE: This is the most effective way to support us!

Stay connected
Sign up here if you want to get involved in helping save jazz Maastricht and to receive updates.

Spread the word
Share this page and the petition on Facebook, via email or WhatsApp with as many of your friends and family as possible.

Why We Need Your Help

In the last 20 years now Jazz Maastricht has created one of the few, truly world-class jazz series in the Netherlands. We’ve hosted jazz greats like Lizz Wright, John Scofield, Brad Mehldau, Avishai Cohen, Toots Thielemans, Bobby McFerrin, Mark Guiliana, Richard Bona and many more. We’ve been honoured to support regional artists through our collaboration with the Conservatorium Maastricht and its many talented students, and through our popular jam sessions, our jazz competition “The Maastricht Jazz Awards” (the largest jazz competition in the EU-region), EU-Jazz Nights, and our eu-regional partnerships. Together we’ve created a hotspot for jazz in Europe, and we’ve become one of the most successful jazz organizations in the Netherlands, all the while working with a small team, and a fraction of the budget that other concert organizations receive because we have a passion for jazz in this region.

In recent years Jazz Maastricht has seen continued growth in ticket sales and collaborations in Maastricht, Limburg and increasingly across our borders in Belgium & Germany. Our events have attracted more and more audience members from different backgrounds, and of different ages, who travel from as far away as the UK and France to come together and enjoy amazing musical experiences. Which brings us to the central issue, Jazz has always been a meeting place for diverse opinions, cultures and ideas. Since its very beginning, it has connected people through a common langue. However, the College of B&W has decided that cuts must be made and rather than spread the losses across the countless organizations they support, they would prefer to wipe a single organization off the cultural map of Maastricht. They have made a choice to advise against a vibrant, active and diverse cultural scene in Maastricht.

Of course we could continue about how erasing Jazz Maastricht makes the city and the region less attractive to (potential) inhabitants, how it would cripple the world-class jazz education at the Conservatorium who rely heavily on the performance opportunities, masterclasses, coaching, internships and support we offer their students, and how it would once again relegate Maastricht to just another cultural backwater (because make no mistake, this has happened repeatedly in the past with cultural organizations that don’t fit inside the nice, clean “Maastrichts” mould). However, what matters at this point is you. We need you to help us change the city council’s mind so they will vote against this proposal. To be clear, this may be our only chance to keep Jazz Maastricht alive and we cannot do it without your help!

Thank you all for your continued support! We really hope to be able to continue doing what we love: sharing amazing jazz experiences with you. Please help us make this happen!

To read more about the College van Burgemeester & Wethouders advice click here.

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