Friday 11 October 2019

Real Book Presentation Concert

After months of searching, listening, transcribing and sorting, we’re glad to announce 1 September is the day we can finally present the Real Book Limburg Edition, Volume I during a spectacular night filled to the brim with jazz! A true gesamtkunstwerk from the Limburgse jazz scene consisting of contributions from every corner of Limburg has emerged as a colorful tasting palette of the Limburgse jazz! It bundles a selection of the most beautiful jazz pearls, new and old, from the rich musical history of Limburg. This work is meant to archive, promote and inspire the Limburgse jazz, but most of all to be played!

During a special night at Cultuurhuis Heerlen, we start at 20.00 with the presentation of the book. Directly afterwards we’ll let the music speak! We’ll leave it to the Limburgse All-Star band Jo Didderen & l’Equipe de Rêve which will play a selection of the works from the Real Book Limburg Edition, Volume I and get things swinging. After a short break the stage is open for anyone to join in and jam, led by Jo Didderen where the compositions from the Real Book are central. Don’t forget to bring your instrument and join in on the rich musical history of Limburg!

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