Wednesday 30 October 2019

Pablo Held Trio

20.30 Ainsi

“One of the great groups in music today” – John Scofield.

Characterized by radical spontaneity, the Pablo Held Trio is one of the most significant bands to emerge in Europe in the past decade. For years Held was a well kept secret to anyone outside Germany, but has recently surged to the forefront the international scene. First receiving global attention due to their collaborations with John Scofield. Critical acclaim in the worldwide jazz press for their latest album only cemented the trio’s reputation.

The trio has developed a style that is very much their own. Pablo is joined by Jonas Burgwinkel (drums) & Robert Landfermann (bass). Their exceptional collaboration has lead to global tours and acclaimed records. Their music is crafted with elegance, lyricism and sophistication, perfectly blending tradition with modernity, familiarity with exploration, and nuance with passion and energy.

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