Tuesday 11 December 2018

Maastricht Jazz Awards – Finals

You can ignore American Idol and turn off The Voice because the Maastricht Jazz Awards are back!

In collaboration with the Maastricht Conservatorium, we’re excited to present the third annual Maastricht Jazz Awards, Maastricht’s first ever international jazz competition and the largest jazz prize in the EU-region.

The six finalists are:

  • Ramon van Merkenstein Quartet (Bruxelles, Professional)
  • TOTENHAGEN (Cologne, Professional)
  • Evacuation Plan (Maastricht, Professional)
  • Lampshade (Maastricht, Student)
  • AHA Trio (Maastricht, Student)
  • Qube (Maastricht, Student)

The goal of the awards is to stimulate the careers of promising artists in the region. Competitors have the chance to win the ‘Young Talent Award,’ the ‘Professional Award’ and the Audience Award (where you get to vote for your favourite bands) Winning an internationally recognized competition gives a massive boost to anyone who wants to build a career as a musician by providing them with credibility, exposure, and resources.

Curious to find out who’ll win this year? Come and experience the excitement of the competition! Everyone has a chance to let their voice be heard when voting for the Audience Award.

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