Thursday 19 March 2020

Jeroen Zijlstra


Former North Sea fisher Jeroen Zijlstra has been making waves in the world of theatre for decades. His deep love for the sea in all her facets, sometimes fierce, sometimes tranquil, yet always poetic is more than occasionally the leading compass in his music and lyrics. As a natural trumpet player, he finds his inspiration in the music of his heroes such as Miles Davis, Don Cherry and Chet Baker. These influences come naturally in his lyrical playing, where every note counts and tells a story. With his newly composed quintet, Jeroen looks for form and beauty within the right timing. Words on the right moment, the note which at first seems to be coming late or early, yet emerges at the perfect moment. This playing and improvising, balancing on the edge of too early or too late, word for word, makes his new show Ja!zZZijlsta a glorious mixture of traditional jazz influences and Zijlstra’s maritime metaphorical sounds from the soul.

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