Thursday 15 November 2018


14.00–17.30 Cultuurcentrum Hasselt

The IMPACT festival examines the possibilities of technology in the arts and society. This segment of the questions examines the relationship between image and truth. Is a photo always honest? Does technology neutralize or exaggerate bias? Innovation clearly changes our way of dealing with the world. In this symposium, teams of scientists and artists have joined forces to investigate how this might, or does happen.

Entrance: free, but on subscription basis. Click link above.

14.00 – Jesse Passenier & Lars Hausfeld and/or Elia Formisano – concert: Project Focus
In this interactive musical project, composer Jesse Passenier and
researcher Emilia Formisano from the faculty of psychology and neuroscience
at Maastricht University, examine how auditory filters work in relation to emotional reactions.

15.00 – Malcolm Le Grice – lecture: Digital cinema and artistic meaning
Pioneer of digital cinema, with work in the permanent collection of Center Pompidou
and British Film Institute, M. Le Grice has written a historical overview of experimental cinema and gives an insight into its technological applications in the film language during this engaging lecture.

15.45 – Pause

16.15 – Patricia Pisters – lecture: Alchemical shadows: Eidolons or high-tech perception and new materialism
Patricia Pisters is the founder of the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis and a lecturer in media at the University of Amsterdam. In her lecture, she begins with Walt Whitman’s interpretation of perception and interprets them through contemporary views on ‘new materialism’.

Patrick Ceyssens – expo: From looking to Imagining
Video installation: Round a roundabout # 2
expos: Azimuth & BIT ROT

19.15 – Gloria Carlier – Introduction: AutoBIOgraphy

20.00 – Company Wayne McGregor – performance: AutoBIOgraphy
Wayne McGregor is one of the worlds most inventive choreographers: he’s famous for his combinations of dance, music, visual art, technology, and science. This performance is a dancing meditation through his own experiences: the beginning and the end are pre-determined but the in between those two points anything can happen. The choreographic events from his “life library” are interchanged through an algorithm which analysis his own DNA! Tickets for AutoBIOgraphy: €14. Available here.


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