Wednesday 14 November 2018


13.00–21.00 Cultuurcentrum Hasselt

The IMPACT festival examines the possibilities of technology in the arts and society. This segment of the questions examines the relationship between image and truth. Is a photo always honest? Does technology neutralize or exaggerate bias? Innovation clearly changes our way of dealing with the world. In this symposium, teams of scientists and artists have joined forces to investigate how this might, or does happen.

13.00 – welcome

13.30 Joris P. Weijdom – keynote: meaning in mixed reality.

Joris Weijdom (NL) is constantly looking for the ‘inter’ in everything as a researcher:
interdisciplinary, inter-connective, interaction and interface. He founded and participated in MAPLAP
research into the intersection of performance, media, and technology. He also leads
the Embodied Immersive Learning research group at HKU University of the Arts,

14.30 Marie Van Vollenhoven – performance: The infinity games
Creator Marie Van Vollenhoven examines the ideas and logic behind the concept of
‘Harmony’: how do people experience harmony? During EIDOLON Marie brings
together five artists, in an audiovisual interdisciplinary jazz concert. After the performance, she’ll explain and the ideas behind this unique work powered by unique, creative uses of data sciences and artificial intelligence.

15.30 – Pause

16.15 – Koenraad Jonckheere – lecture: Art and decorum
Koenraad Jonckheere (B) is a professor at UGent and often publishes
16-18 century portrait art and modern image theories. In his lecture M.
Koenraad examines the interaction between ‘speech, speaker and audience’.

17.15 – FAQ & panel discussion

19.30  – Patrick Ceyssens – guided tour: expo

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