Thursday 7 February 2019

EU-Jazz Night: Albert Vila Trio, Cast Glass, Frey/Suilen

20.30 Ainsi

The EU-Region is full of great artists, we want to show them off! This edition combines the best Spanish jazz guitarist in NL with his trio, an exciting new band from the alt. jazz scene and an exceptional trumpet/piano duo.

Guitarist Albert Vila is quickly becoming known as a leading jazz musician in Europe. His flair for the dramatic, and vulnerable, intimate style, gives listeners the sense that they’re experiencing the soundtrack to Vila’s own internal monologue. He’s accompagnied by Daniel Jonkers (drums) and Alex Gilson (Bass).
His latest album “The Unquiet Sky” (2016) features Aaron Parks, Doug Weiss, and Jeff Ballard.

Cast Glass is an international mini-orchestra led by composer duo Marc Alberto & Marco Mlynek. Their music splices pop melodies, folk lyrics, jazz harmonies and neoclassical textures together seamlessly. With intelligent compositions and theatrical stylings, they’re sure to suck you into their musical fantasy.

Willem Suilen & Marvin Frey, a piano and trumpet duo,  have developed a unique voice in a scene dominated by trios and quartets. Their music is marked by a deep sense of space, with spun out melodies and sparse textures that seem to stretch time to the breaking point.

Presented in collaboration with the Theater aan het Vrijthof

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