Monday 18 November 2019

All-Star JAM! | Bram Weijters


All-Star JAM! Is back in town! Jazz Maastricht, Motives for Jazz (BE) & Conservatorium Maastricht present a swinging evening of jazz in Café Charlemagne with the most talented musicians from Limburg, Flanders and beyond. Rising talent and established jazz cats alike will be led by trumpetist Carlo Nardozza and the All-Star house band. Anyone can join for a night of improvisation, exploration, and enjoyment, all with a good glass of Belgian beer in hand. Jazz as it should be!

Band and session led by Carlo Nardozza
Born in Genk (BE), graduated cum laude from the Maastricht Academy of Music, and known for his groups as the Carlo Nardozza Quintet (two albums) and the Jeff Herr Corporation (two albums). For years he was also part of the Henri Texier Red Route Quintet, led by the bassist Henri Texier. He also plays frequently in ‘the Muse Jazz Orchestra’, ‘OTO-Machine’, and with his new project ‘Bocca al Lupo’.

Bram Weijters
Bram Weijters is far from unknown in the Belgium jazz scene. After his studies at the conservatory’s of Antwerp and Brussels, he has directed his full attention on his instrument of choice, the piano. Next to being a pianist Weijters is also very active as a composer with an emphasis on jazz and alternative music. He’s been featured on VPRO’s Vrije Geluiden with his Bram Weijters’s Crazy Men, which is a quest to the roots of Belgian fusion and jazzrock.

All-Star House Band

  • Carlo Nardozza – Trumpet (BE)
  • Mathias Nowak – Doublebass (DE)
  • Arnaud Gerritse – Drums (NL)
  • Joachim Schönecker – Guitar (DE)
  • Joachim Junghanss – Piano (DE)

This initiative is made possible in part by Grensverleggers, a scheme to support regional collaborations between parties in Flanders, the Province of Noord-Brabant, the Province of Limburg and the Province of Zeeland.

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