With her silky smooth voice, it’s easy to be reminded of the American greats such as Ella Fitzgerald. American soul/jazz singer Lizz Wright has been getting herself known for some years now with critically acclaimed studio albums but also manages to leave a lasting impression with her live concerts. Just to give you a little taste of what’s to come we’ve curated a list of 10 Lizz Wright songs! Wright manages to stay fresh and surprising as she hops from one genre right into another with ease.

1. Hit The Ground (Dreaming Wide Awake)
Opening the list with the powerfull Hit the ground. This bluesy folk ballad was written in collaboration with Jesse Harris. You might know him as the guy who wrote Norah Jones’s hits.

2. Seems I’m Never Tired Of Loving You (Grace)
Once made popular by Nina Simone, it’s a true statement of unconditional love. Lizz Wright does honor to this monumental legacy with a stellar performance.

3. Hey Mann (The Orchard)
In “Hey Mann” Lizz Wright searches for the musical sounds of her roots. The peddle steel guitar creeps into the song and becomes a far away echo of Wright’s captivating voice.

4. Coming Home (The Orchard)
Wright shows you her home. Her gospel roots are starkly contrasted by the heavy country backing, resulting in an almost haunting sound which makes it impossibles to be unmoved.

5. My Heart (The Orchard)
A hint of latin makes it’s entry into Wright’s repoitair in the last song from The Orchard in this list. The upbeat nature of the song in combination with her dynamic vocals shows Wright’s ability to keep her ground even outside her usual genre.

6. In From The Storm (Fellowship)
Unmistakenly groovy with a infectious beat. No wonder, since this song as written by one Jimi Hendrix. Wright’s vocal rendition  in tandem with the delightfully understated slide guitar makes this song an easy going sunday afternoon blues.

7. Southen Nights (Grace)
Lizz Wright opens Southern Nights in a way which carries you away. She aks wether the listener knows what a southern night really means and makes sure to explain it for those who don’t.  The song slowly forms into a intimate look in what makes the, at times misunderstood, south of the United States so attractive.

8. Walk With Me, Lord (Salt)
This track of her debut album Salt is best described as an uplifting gospel with a contagious bassline. The subtle guitar solo commands attention and gives the song a little extra punch only for Wright to step forward again and ask the Lord once more to walk on her side.

9. Old Man (Dreaming Wide Awake)
Wright wispers the words of Old Man softly in the listeners ears. The hot and heavy Americana influences are in the drivers seat and take you for a ride through the deep south of the United States right up to the extensive plains of the Midwest.

10. Right Where You Are ft. Gregory Porter (Freedom & Surrender)
A playful waltz with an intriguing game of contrasts between Wright and Grammy Award winner Gregory Porter. Her silky soft voice in collaborationi with Porter’s pronounced baritone make this song into the highlight of Freedom & Surrender.

Bonustrack. River Man (Freedom & Surrender)
River Man is a dreamy track with wonderful keys and an enigmatic trumpet solo by Till Brönner. Light sheds onto the mysterious vibes this song hold Knowing Nick Cave made the songs arrangement.


Get your tickets here and let Lizz Wright take you on a journey through the deep American South during an intimate night at Theater Aan Het Vrijthof on march 11th.


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