“To listen to Ra is to be dragged into another sonar system, an omniverse of overlapping sonar systems which abduct you from Trad audio reality. By becoming alien himself, Ra turns you alien.” – Kodwo Eshun, More Brilliant Than the Sun: Adventures in Sonic Fiction

This is the latest blog post in a series on the legendary musician, philosopher, artist and alien Sun Ra. March 18th, 2017 the Sun Ra Arkestra is taking over the Theater aan het Vrijthof to kick off their 60th anniversary world tour (tickets =>here). Sun Ra’s insanely large musical output is anything but mainstream and can often be overwhelming. However, now that we’re a few blog posts in we think you’re finally ready to handle the real thing. Here we go! Our top 10 favourite Sun Ra. If you have any to add please comment below!

1. Lullaby for Realville (1956)

2. Sun Song (1957)

3. Ancient Aethiopia (1959)

4. Rocket number 9 (1960)

5. The Lady With the Golden Stockings (1966)


6. Space is the place (1973)

7. Twin Stars of Thence (1978)

8. Door to the Cosmos (1979)

9. Nuclear War (1982)

10. Theme of the Stargazers (1990)


“his strangeness often overshadowed the fact that he was an extraordinary composer and musician. His output ranged from exquisite solo piano recordings, through traditional big-band swing to space-age funk and the proto-rap of the incredible Nuclear War (“It’s a motherfucker – if they push that button, your ass gonna go!”). As anyone who was lucky enough to meet him will tell you, Sun Ra really was like no other human. He was a musical genius, a music-business pioneer, a moral philosopher. Both out to lunch and ahead of his time, he was a brother from another planet.” Jez Nelson, The Guardian


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