zondag 19 maart 2017

Mary and the Poppins


As part of our continued collaboration with teh Centrum Management Maastricht we’re happy to present this Cultuur op Zondag concert in the Boekhandel Dominicanen  featuring the wonderful Mary and the Poppins!

Mary & The Poppins seem to have nothing in common with the famous American nanny except for the name of its band leader, but the trio formed by both classical and jazz musicians is creating pop music as charming as said about the real Mary Poppins. It may be mere chance that M.P. are also the initials of singer and songwriter Marie… Her songs are collection of little stories in both English and German which don’t necessarily have to be autobiographical. A short, but heavy rain shower, a glance into an illuminated window at night or the squeaking pedal of an old grand piano can trigger pictures that are being transformed into a song.

On stage Mary is supported by her Poppins, cello player Sven and violin player Magdalena who even lend their voices to the songs, in case they don’t exchange their instruments against a cajon or a melodica. The result is a fresh and transparent pop music sound that will put a bounce into your step after leaving their concert!

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